Integrative Counselling, CBT, Psychosexual Therapy and Supervision

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal therapy is a structured therapy which helps you to understand the connections between your mood and interpersonal relationship patterns. It is a medium term therapy and is particularly helpful for depression and low mood. It is designed to be experienced in 12-16 weekly sessions. I am a trained interpersonal therapist, accredited by IPT-UK. 

The first IPT sessions we will work together to identify interpersonal patterns and issues and how these relate to your mood issues. I will write up a formulation of your issues and we will then decide on a focus for the next few sessions such as interpersonal sensitivity, grief, conflict or transition. There are some specific interventions that we will try out to help you change interpersonal patterns, for example communication analysis. In the final sessions we will reflect on what you have understood about yourself, how you can your maintain progress and how you can continue to support yourself.